Friday, July 2, 2010

The weekend...

Hard to believe it's the weekend already! It's been a long week....
I'm finally feeling better. Think I had a stomach virus. Been running fever off and on all week and just feeling yuck! Tonight was the first time I've really eaten much at a time this week. Mom thinks my body is just responding to all the stress of the past 6 weeks and because of adrenaline and just "willing" myself to go on, this is just now hitting me. Whatever it is, I'll be glad when I can eat again and feel normal ;)

We think the swelling it finally over. The beginning of the week was a little scary with Mark's tongue and throat swelling up suddenly....he is still itching though! But that's easier to deal with than swelling. He is still on steroids and we know that it took a couple of weeks to build up to the point it was, and he still has another week or so of steroids so it could still take several more days to get everything completely out of his system.

Things are slowly returning to normal. Tuesday, he went to the office for a short time. Wednesday was our 4th Anniversary and we spent the day out and about and then went to church. We finally purchased a new bed!! We are so excited about it....I've been asking for a new mattress for over 2 years and since Mark's surgery, he has had a terrible time sleeping and getting comfortable and so it was time!! We are loving it! We decided to go all the way and get a king. It's taking some getting used to, but it's so nice for the mornings when we go get T and take him into bed with us to snuggle :) Trenton thinks the bed is for him and loves it as well.

Thursday Mark had basically a normal day back at work. He was quite tired by the time he got to the house, but he did really well. Sunday will be a month since his surgery and I'm so proud of him and how far he's come. We still have changes to make and some commitments to own up to (mostly exercise!) but we are definitely on our way to a healthier lifestyle.

One way we've changed and continue to work on, is an earlier bedtime. It can be difficult with Parker (one of the little ones I care for), because it's often midnight when he is picked up. I lost one of the other babies I took care of during the past 6 weeks, and although it brings some financial stress, it has really helped during this time of "getting back to normal" to only have Parker to care for. Especially with his crazy schedule! At least the early mornings are occasional rather than every day now. ;)

Tonight we got to spend the evening with great friends that we definitely don't see often enough. It was a wonderful evening! We are looking forward to more time with friends on Monday. I hope everyone has a fun-filled and safe weekend! I'm so thankful that I was born in much as I LOVED my time overseas, I do appreciate so many things that I took for-granted before. Happy 4th of July!!

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