Monday, February 6, 2012

A New Season!

You hear it all the time, but life really can change in huge ways in such a short amount of time. Through FB, many of my family members & friends from far away have encouraged us over the past few days, but not even known what was going on... THANK YOU! That's the body of Christ in action right there! It has touched my heart & helped us through the really tough moments. I wanted to pass along just a little bit of what's going on with us. Bottom line, is that our church has divided. Mark & I love the church. We love working in ministry & doing whatever it requires, even though sometimes it's really tough or even weird! Haha! Although, this has been a shock & brought some hurt, we are walking through this with open hearts & open minds to whatever God has in store!

I don't want to say too much. Especially since there is hurt, anger, frustration, maybe even bitterness in the air right now, but in directing us, God has revealed some pretty cool stuff & taught me some valuable lessons over the past 6 days. I hope to be able to share these things in the future! In case you don't know yet, we are still at the same church. We are there because we believe it is the right place to be. We believe that, for us, submission to authority doesn't just apply in the home, or in corporate business settings but in church business settings as well, & we felt it important to do that in this situation. That's our personal conviction. It's not to say that we necessarily agree with the way everything was handled, but then, we don't agree with every law that is passed in our country, but still need to follow them. Our decision was not based on any earthly thing... not money, not people, not location. It also wasn't made in haste. We hope that our friends that we will still see every week & those we won't get to see as often, will continue to feel our love for them! Looking forward to a Bible study or something that will bring us all together again soon!!

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