Monday, March 13, 2017


Today was the day after daylight savings began. My 2nd least favorite day of the first being YESTERDAY, the start of daylight savings time! Ha! For all my friends in ministry, I know you feel me on this...I mean, why can't it start in the middle of Friday night?! Right???? (Really, just keeping one time all year, would get my vote, but I haven't found the voting booth for that option!)

So this morning, my daughter begrudgingly complied to my request to wake up, get up out of bed and slip her little arms and legs into the clothes I was putting her into...a real, live, 45 pound, baby doll. 😏  As I stepped out of the bathroom, I thought she was finally exiting dreamland and starting to get excited about her day. No more than 90 seconds later when I walked back in, she was practically drooling on the bathroom floor. I snapped a cute pic and thought I'd post something witty on IG about the time change and my little Sweet! I put my post together, trying every single filter, then going back to the one I almost always use, threw in a couple of hashtags and then did a quick proof and realized my last hashtag had to go. 

What was it?? #theunwelcomemonday Although, more than true, I had this little nudge inside me... you know the kind. I thought, what a terrible way to start my day - unwelcome. Such a harsh word, yet so often we treat days, situations, things, and yes, even people as unwelcome. Before we even give it /them a chance! 

What situation or person do you see as unwelcome? I know that if we change our perspective, the results we get will change too. About a week ago I read something that I immediately jotted down & placed on my desk. "Expectation is a form of faith" (Steven Furtick). If 'unwelcome' is what I plan for and expect, then that's all I'll get. 

I changed my outlook this morning, which didn't change all my situations or challenges - we were still pushing that school bell, daring it to ring before the kids got in the door; I still have a pile of laundry that needed to be taken care of over the weekend, yet here it stares at me at 11pm on Monday night; my list of to-do's didn't melt away, nor did other challenges I faced today; but my expectation of what God would do this day changed how I went about my day. 

If this is something you struggle with, I hope you can, like me, begin making imperfect progress in this area. Begin intentionally welcoming a day, a struggle, a person... and see what God will do!

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