Thursday, September 27, 2018


 "True spirituality that is pure in the eyes of our Father God is to make a difference in the lives of the orphans, and widows in their troubles, and to refuse to be corrupted by the world’s values." James 1:27 TPT 

This news I want to share, really this calling, has been hard for me to share on the social media platform. Not because I have any doubts about what we are embracing, but because it feels so heavy and humbling, sacred really. Although caring for "orphans" is a Biblical mandate for every Believer, not every one is called to be a mother or father, sister or brother, because we are all a part of one body, with many different roles to play. We however, have heard God's prompting and chosen to say yes to those living as orphans within their own homes. To join many families in the fight to restore hope and love to children in the foster care system. 

God began stirring my heart to the need a number of years ago. In fact, adoption was a topic of conversation before Mark and I even became parents. Mark and I had our lists - lists of international places we wanted to adopt a child from, but it just never seemed to "fit". We knew this was our desire, but likely not His. Many questions or even worries seemed eased over the years as we spoke to different friends who fostered and then adopted and it was through those casual conversations that seeds were planted. Three or so years ago, I was ready to say yes. I wanted to jump in, but I was looking at my timeline, not God's. So we waited. Through a God orchestrated series of events over the past year, in unity we knew, the time is here to begin the process.   

God has so beautifully gone before us to prepare the hearts of our own little Loves. They openly accepted this call even before Mark and I took the first steps towards this new life. We are asked weekly, if not daily, when they get to be a foster brother and sister. There have been so many little nudges from God that just blow my mind!!

Our HomeStudy begins in the next couple of weeks - this is the final stage of the process to become a licensed foster home. We are aware that this journey will be full of countless unknowns, unforeseen challenges, heartache and even heartbreak, but God. He is our strength and we believe that although we may be the ones down in the trenches, there are many others that can help fight for these precious ones. So we ask our friends and family to fight alongside us. We may have to say no to more things. We may need an ear to just listen or shoulder to cry on. We may need an Aaron and Hur from time to time. So I ask you to pray that God will continue to work in us to mold us into all He needs us to be. Pray that He will provide all that we need to set up our house properly. Pray for our children; they know so little about the real need of these children yet love and pray for them often. Pray for the foster children - some days I'm overcome with emotion, wondering if these children - still nameless and faceless to me - are getting breakfast before school, or if their diaper is being changed regularly or if they are safe from their parent's significant other. Mark reminded me that God brings them to my mind to pray, not to worry. Will you pray with me?

When others run away, we will run in!  In to hurt, in to loss, to sacrifice, to pain and confusion. In to a world totally unfamiliar and unknown to us, yet strangely home because it's God's plan, not our own. In to the world of foster care. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

In Pursuit...

  I love that God pursues us. Jesus left Heaven to come to earth for you and me, and I'd say, that's a pretty serious pursuit. But so often in my life I haven't really felt the pursuit?  Like those times when you feeeeel eyes on you... when you look down to see your pup staring at you from under the kitchen table, or your child has crept out of bed and is peering around the corner at you, or you walk into a restaurant and even without making eye contact, you feel every eye in the place on you. ((kinda creepy - haha))  You can know someone is watching you because you feel those moments. 

Have you ever felt God in that way, or just felt Him pursuing you at every available opportunity?? Here's what I've learned through some situations over the past couple of months. He is ALWAYS passionately pursuing us, we just often don't have our focus on Him enough to see, hear or feel His pursuit. When divorce happens or an unexpected death occurs or a diagnosis that changes your everyday life is given, or even just words spoken to us, who we are and who we're created to be often, begins to be questioned. Lately, without realizing it, I began to question who even am I and what am I supposed to be doing?? (PS - More on that...soon! In an upcoming blog ;) 

Post-it notes of scriptures, prayers and messages from family/friends have been such a blessing and certainly part of God's pursuit. But there is one song in particular, "You Say" by Lauren Daigle, that, for a span of 3 weeks, was literally been the first song that played every time I opened Pandora, it was the first suggested video when I opened YouTube and it played on the radio every single time I passed a particular location, no matter that time of day. It was a beautiful hug from God and as it played, I could hear Him say I'm here, these words are true, pursue Me as I pursue you! Be who God the Father says you are and don't let the thoughts the enemy puts in your head cause you to doubt who I say you are! 

I read something recently that has impacted me strongly - Lisa Harper said, "the veil between you and Christ becomes thinner as you walk through trials and lean hard into Him"; and I can attest to the truth of this statement! It's the passionate pursuit of us, His children that becomes tangible. It's His nature, His heart, the standard of His love for us, yet we're so often too busy. Too okay. Too set. Too focused on our own plans. Too all figured out, to see, hear and feel His pursuit!

Today, let down your barriers, allow yourself to see His pursuit of you! Knowing His love and pursuit in your head it vitally important in your everyday walk and talk as a Christ-follower, but getting to feel His love is life itself! 

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