Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Any day....

It's official - I can't get off of the couch, or really any chair, without a struggle ;)

I still have a number of things on my, "TO-DO Before Baby Arrives" list, but I'm certainly not marking them off as quickly as I would like. There are several little things that are really slowing me down this time around... difficulties like swelling, numbness, carpal tunnel & a nerve issue in my abdomen and then there's Trenton, but he's my wonderful "time consumer"! A baby is a complete miracle and gift from God, and none of these difficulties will last forever but the precious life at the end will, so it's 100% worth it!!!

We have finally decided on a name and yes we are keeping it a secret like we did with Trenton Luke! It was so hard for us to decide and then 2-3 days after we settled on her name, I came up with two more names that are just perfect with Trenton and KRW. I have no idea why those came so easily, but I guess after debating and discussing so many names it's not that weird. I told Mark we're set for our next two - he just rolled his eyes and said, "yeah, right" ;) We told Trenton what her name will be, but he is not accepting any name other than "Baby Sissy"!!

The doctor said she doesn't think I'll go past my due date (2/3) and we hope she comes 1/ that's just a week away. Yay! For the most part I'm a private person, so there won't be any labor news or updates or anything of the sort, just a Surprise, She's Here....and the revealing of her name of course! Next blog will be all about "Baby Sissy" - Unless I become inspired about something, other than a nap! :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year!

So, normally I'm totally bummed about seeing all the Christmas decorations come down, but this year is different. Getting all the Christmas stuff put away means I can get busy with all the baby stuff that I've been needing to do...organizing, decorating, ect!

We had a really great Christmas! I just kept thinking how blessed we are to have what we have and then we received gifts on top of it all. I'm certainly not a person that compartmentalizes a year, but after the challenges we faced in 2010, it really changed my perspective on so many things. I am so thankful to have my husband, my son and soon to be daughter. Who needs stuff on top of all of that. We spent Christmas with family and it makes the holiday so special.
Trenton really got into Christmas this, he is sooooo much fun!

Now we are just waiting on our baby girl to join us. Still in search of the perfect name, but we really are close. Hahaha! People keep telling me how early their 2nd baby came and how we really need to choose a name :) it is such a permanent thing and for whatever reason, we have really struggled to find anything that fit. At this point, Trenton won't call her anything other than "Baby Sissy". We try to get him to say names that we're throwing around and he tells us, "that's not her's baby sissy!!" I think he's going to be a protective big brother.
Well, I have quite a long to-do list for myself...things I want to accomplish before baby, so I need to try a check a few more things off... Happy New Year!

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